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Our program is organized around two main pathways:


Language Journey focuses more on the language acquisition process than on content.


Carefully selected questions steer students along each learning path as they integrate language and some content objectives and work on specific language skills: Witty Reading, Quick Language, Clever Writing and Sharp Speaking.


In UNOi, students work on two language levels: language functions and structures (grammar), and vocabulary (lexis). Each lesson provides a language input to give students the context for acquiring the required vocabulary or language structures for authentic communication. It is important to mention that language structures and functions are presented using real life situations allowing students to discover and then practice these structures.


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Knowledge Highway focuses more on content than on language skills. Students engage in assignments and tasks as they work and learn about Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science using their acquired language skills.



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Having Cambridge as one of the allies of UNOi, our students of 6th and 9th grades have the opportunity to present the exams: KET (Key English Test) when they reach A2 level, PET (Preliminary English Test) when they reach B1 and FCE when they reach B2 level respectively without an extra cost! These exams are included as part of UNOi.


Cambridge exams are intended to develop the communicative skills of students in order to have and understand a conversation, and not only to translate or interpret the language. Cambridge certifications have international recognition.

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French is included as third language from preschool to junior high.


During preschool students have an introduction to the language, with songs and games.

For low-primary the program will be focused on Vocabulary and Oral skills.

For high-primary the students will develop 4 skills: oral and written comprehension and oral and written production, based on their the level.


When students are in junior high at 9th level they have the opportunity of taking the exam for DELF A1 or DELF A2 which are presented in the “Alianza Francesa” (with an extra cost). Parents will have to do all the requirements needed for these exams.